• QSI-17

    Ground and polished, 316 stainless steel stirring shaft for use with 10 mm I.D. Trubore bearing. Supplied with removable support to accept standard PTFE stir blades. Shaft has a machined flat area to allow agitators to be placed at variable positions on the shaft.

  • QSI-40

    Universal coupling is available as an adapter from a motor chuck to a stirrer rod. For a 1/4" capacity chuck the universal coupling is available for 6 mm stirrer rods, 8 mm and 10 mm. For 1/2" capacity chucks the universal coupling is available for 18.25 mm and 19 mm glass stirrer rods. The coupling performs a number of functions. It is light weight and reduces the burden on the motor.

  • FlexibleDrive

    Flexible homogenizer drive for 5/16" dia. motor shafts

    • Accepts the adjustable chucks furnished with the motor drives as well as the L11 quick-change chuck and the L14 and L15 flex-grip chucks.
    • Eliminates hand-holding of tubes and pestles.
    • Furnished with clamp for holding homogenizer tube and shaft restrainer for top of support stand.
    • Fits Glas-Col motor drives and any 5/16"-diameter motor haft.
    • 36" long.
    • Convenient for processing several samples: pestle may be rinsed or separate pestle used to avoid sample contamination.

  • qsi-68

    Replacement three-jaw chucks for use with Glas-col stirring systems.

  • qsi70

    This coupling eliminates the need to use rubber hose or universal adapters to attach your glass stirrer shafts to overhead motors. Flex-coupling fit 10 mm OD glass shaft. Fits 5/16" motor shaft.

  • QSI-73

    For use with Glas-Col stirring systems

  • QSI-74

    Heavy duty 90-degree clamp is designed to be easier to use than most common laboratory clamp. Both knobs are located on the same side of the clamp so that switching hand positions during equipment adjustments are eliminated.

  • IKA-C
  • QSI-90

    Air driven stirrer for use whenever the use of an electrical stirrer might be hazardous or impractical. Ideal for mixing all types of solvents, lacquers, and volatile solutions. Stirrers include a 4' length of air hose with double fittings for connection to air supply Supplied with a 9/16" x 10" aluminum support rod and stainless steel shaft 3/8" x 12" long having a 2 1/2" OD stainless propeller.

  • QSI-92

    For a long and trouble-free life for your air-powered stirrer, your air supply should be water aerosols as well as foreign particles larger than 40 microns. The lubricator should be adjusted to feed one drop of oil for every 50-70 cfm of air going through the motor.