• QSS42-4

    Ultra-flat compact magnetic stirrer, guaranteed with modern magnet coil technology. Wear- free drive with no moving parts. The lab disc can reverse direction of rotation automatically every 30 seconds to ensure better mixing.

    • Explosion hazard
    • Rotation direction is reversible
    • High IP protection class (IP 65)
    • Set-up plate and casing made from chemically resistant materials
    • Wear-free
    • Slip-proof, safe stand
    • Can stir up to 2 liters

  • ETSD4_RE

    Electronic contact thermometer with fuzzy logic control, including sensor. Ensures perfect temperature control without overshooting the set temperature, even in the case of quick heating. Three modes of operation:

    Operating mode A - Suitable for work with varying parameters (from -10°C to 400°C). Safety temperature adjustment.
    Operating mode B - Suitable for series operation under uniform conditions.
    Operating mode C - Suitable for unsupervised operation. All values are taken from the memory. This ensures perfect protection against inadvertent or improper adjustment.

  • H16V_S_
  • QSS47

    It allows the QSS-46 Support Rod to be fixed at any given position. Possible to use more than one support rod.

  • QSS-49

    For fastening the QSS-50 Holding Rod to the QSS-46 Support Rod.

  • QSS-50

    For fastening the fuzzy or 13602-09 IKATRON to the QMS-46 Support Rod.

  • QSS51

    For use with QMS-40, QMS-37 and QMS-38 magnetic stirrers. Fabricated from silicone with a maximum temperature limit of 135°C.

  • H62ETC1_

    Spare sensor for use with QSS-41.

  • H66_S_

    Spare sensor for use with 13602-05 fuzzy when working with aggressive media such as acid or alkaline solutions.

  • H70A_S_

    For use with 13602-05 fuzzy. Used to separate the casing from the sensor. The casing with the electronics can therefore be kept away from dangerous vapor released by the medium.

  • QSS-59

    Special temperature controller for use with QSS-39 Magnetic Stirrer/Hot Plate. Supplied with QSS-53 Sensor.

  • QSS-60

    Spare sensor for use with QSS-59.