Newly improved magnetic stirrer with sophisticated heating and stirring technologies. The QSS-37-1 has a stainless steel surface, while the QSS-37-3 has a white coated (chemically resistant) stainless steel surface.

    Extremely fast heating times.
    Broad temperature range, ambient to 340°C
    Adjustable safety circuit (50-380°C)
    Electronic speed control
    Speed range from 0-1500 rpm
    Bushing according to DIN 12878 for the use of contact thermometers (e.g., 13602-55 fuzzy) 13602-55 protection cover included

  • QSS38

    Low profile magnetic stirrer with heating and bushing according to Din 12878 for connecting a contact thermometer. Safety circuit fixed at 370°C.

    World-wide best seller
    Enclosed assembly guarantees long service life
    Plate material silumin
    Protection cover included

  • MS-RHKT_C-3208601-03

    New universal magnetic stirrer with heating and bushing.

    Adjustable safety circuit for heating plate temperature
    Outstanding chemical resistance due to white-coated stainless steel plate


    Safety magnetic stirrer with heating, suitable for unsupervised operation, Labworldsoft® software is included to control, regulate and document speed and torque trend parameters.

    • Fuzzy logic control and microprocessor technology guarantee maximum control accuracy
    • Medium temperature controlled via PT 100 sensor (order separately)
    Digital display
    • Analog interface for recording speed, temperature and viscosity trend changes
    • Optical warning to indicate a hot heating plate
    • Three modes of operation, e.g., stirring and heating functions can be secured against inadvertent changes of set parameters
    • Enclosed assembly guarantees long service life
    • RS 232 and analog interface
    • Includes protective cover, Labworldsoft® and cable