• qms-48

    Thermolyne's stirrer/hotplate has a solid ceramic top plate which is easily cleaned, resistant to acid and alkali, and remains flat at high temperatures to ensure maximum heat transfer. Unit reaches maximum temperature of 538°C in eight minutes. Stirring speed range from 100 rpm's up to 1000 rpm's. Excellent for microscale experiments.

  • qsp-20

    Having a ceramic-coated stainless steel top that resists corrosion and thermal shock. One-inch long topside drip edge provides protection of internal components in case of accidental spillage. Units include a ring stand holder to accommodate a thermometer.

  • qsp-21

    This stirrer has 196 square inches of stainless steel stirring surface which will permit stirring up to 300 pound loads. Powerful 1/8 hp permanent split capacitor motor provides maximum torque, even when mixing viscous solutions. Powerful 7.5" drive magnet accommodates from 3" to 6" stir bars for stirring up to 35 gallons of solution.

  • qsp-22

    A five position magnetic stirrer that provides precise, controlled, gentle stirring. Choose from two models: the deluxe series features programmable stirring from 1 to 100 minutes "ON" and 10 to 1000 minutes "OFF" plus LCD read-out; the economical series provides many of the deluxe model's outstanding features, but at an economical price. Easily accommodates up to five 1000 mL vessels at one time. Stirring speed on both models is: 1 to 100 RPMs