• qig-13

    For use with Schlenk storage tubes.

  • qig-15

    Joints are size 25 O-ring.

  • qig-16

    Tower with Hi-Vacuum value (0-3), allows for the removal of water collected after regeneration.

  • qig-17

    Joint is outer, 2 mm stopcock with fritted disc.

  • qig-34

    Used with a Filter Tube to carry out most reactions Vessel is graduated, center joint is outer and side joint is inner. Stopcock is a glass pressure/vacuum.

  • qig-35

    Top and side joints are inner. Stopcock is a glass pressure/vacuum.

  • qig-38

    24/40 outer joint, sidearm and pressure/vacuum glass stopcock, 2 mm PTFE stopcock at the bottom

  • qig-39
  • qig-40

    Vacuum line has four ports, made up of two valves each - one extending from the inert line and the other from the vacuum line, both are bent to a 90° angle. Spacing between ports is 170 mm. The inert gas line has a 18/9 ball joint connection for use with a bubbler or inert gas source. Both of the ends of the manifold have a #9 o-ring joint and are supplied complete with a cap style stopper.

    The manifold connects to our dual-trap assembly with a shut-off valve. The dual-trap is approx. 55 mm OD X 200 mm in length and has two 35/20 socket joints to connect it to the manifold and main trap. Main trap assembly has two high-vacuum valves. O-rings used: Sizes-112, -217, -226

    The inert line is approximately 45" wide X 23" height.