• qcl-5

    Sold in packs of 6

  • Qcl10

    These support tubes are made of brilliant polished 304 stainless steel. They have good surface hardness and do not score from clamp binding screws. Tubes are 1/2" (13 mm) in diameter and are hollow, reducing weight to half of solid stainless steel rods while maintaining all the advantages of the stainless steel. The walls are 1/16" (1.6 mm) are thick, strong, and do not sag. The ends of each tube are capped with polyethylene tight fitting end-caps.
    Special lengths and large quantity discounts are available.

  • Qcl22
  • Qcl23

    For accurate regulation or interruption of fluid flow, these precision machined hosecocks are made to resist rust and corrosion. Adjustment screw with oversized head permits accurate regulation with easy one-hand operation. Used for tubing up to 19 mm, the hosecocks feature built-in side lugs for foot mounting and a tubing retainer screw.

  • Qcl24

    Designed to quickly start and stop fluid flow, pinchcocks provide complete closure without damaging the tubing. They operate with a simple squeeze and accommodate up to 12 mm O.D. tubing

  • Qcl29_

    Angled adjustment screws allow easy set-up and prevent slippage or misalignment. Two U-shaped slots permit rods or clamps of 1/2" (13 mm) maximum diameter to be joined in a 90° corner joint or cross-connection with components in close proximity to minimize wasted space. Each rod or clamp adjusts independently for easy installation.

  • Qcl31

    Easy-to-use connector allows one-handed assembly of two components with one adjustment screw. Maximum diameter of 1/2" (13 mm) for each component.

  • Qcl32

    Similar to the CG-9260-01 lattice connector, the "S" connector features ergonomic contouring for easy adjustment with angled set screws for maximum grip against rods or clamps.

  • Qcl33

    Total adjustment capability within one connector. Permits lattice adjusting after construction. Holds rods at 90° while allowing horizontal and vertical adjustment. Side and front holes accommodate a variety of configurations. Accepts rod size 1/2" (13 mm).

  • QCL-35

    Permanent lattice mounting to bench tops, floors or walls. Accommodates 1/2" (13 mm) diameter rod. Supplied with three screws.

  • Qcl36

    Special adjusting wrench for use with lattice or frame connectors. Size is 3/16" (4.75 mm).

  • QCL-38-2

    These multipurpose, lightweight jacks are used in supporting hotplates, burners, oil baths, and glassware along with many other items in the lab. Construction is of a chemically resistant anodized aluminum and utilizes the scissor jack principle for quick and accurate height adjustment with a single turn of the control knob. Available in three models.