• qm-9-6position

    The mantle of choice for repetitive extracting, refluxing, and distilling. This new version, a lower-profile mantle, incorporates a revolutionary heating element container system which allows the user to easily replace an element in a matter of minutes. The new style eliminates the need to tear down the whole system of glassware just to replace one element. Mantles are supplied complete with: glassware support superstructure consisting of two upright rods, two horizontal rods and four double-sided, open face clamps.

    The combo mantle is available with your choice of two control types: percentage timer or proportional voltage. The percentage-timer version pulses full-line voltage to each heating position according to the dial setting. The proportional-voltage version supplies a constant, steady-state voltage to each position. The six place mantle requires two three-place controls that can be mounted together or separately.

  • QM-48

    The DigiTrol II uses a 1/16 DIN microprocessor-based temperature control. The DigiTrol II can be used with heating mantles, tapes, cords, small ovens, and other resistive heating loads. The control features a digital dual output display for set point and process temperature indication. The automatic-tuning feature ensures increased temperature accuracy with minimum overshoot. Features automatic cold junction compensation and thermocouple break protection. Furnished with a type J immersion thermocouple with 6" long stainless steel probe.

  • QM-50

    The Ramptrol four-file/24 step program capability or easy-to-use non-ramping set-point operation. Ramping operations include four files with six steps each Ramptrol automatically sets the PID parameters through a learning sequence in the auto-tuning mode.

  • QM-60

    Glas-Col Cal-Cord is designed especially for high-temperature laboratory heating problems. Only 6.4 mm in diameter, this wrap-around heater can be installed and removed quickly. It can be wrapped and unwrapped on tubes as small as 12.7 mm without damage. Power sup ply connections are made with lock plug at one end. All cords are furnished with separable extension cord with two-blade cup. Because of the high temperature capabilities of the CalCord insulation, the cord should be used in dry- or low-moisture areas only.

  • QM-62

    Glas-Col heating tapes which allow even short tapes, 0.9 m long, to be used on 115 V without the need of a reducing voltage transformer. Can be operated directly through a temperature control at normal outlet voltage. Operating temperatures to 249°C. Both power supply connections are made at one end of the tape. All tapes are supplied with separable 1.2 m extension cord with two-blade cup.