• qch-15

    Chromatographic sprayer produces a very fine uniform mist which is required for TLC Chromatography.

  • qch-16

    Produces a fine uniform mist, and is completely autoclavable.

  • Qch23

    Sprayer provides a fine, uniform spray ideally adjusted for the development of chromatographic patterns. Spray pattern is adjustable by varying the coverage of the vent hole with the user's thumb. Sprayer is used with low pressure air (5/PSI) or rubber pressure bulb. Sprayer consists of an atomizer top attached to the reservoir with a Rodaviss® 24/40 joint. This design provides for a positive, grease-free seal between the atomizer and reservoir and eliminates the glass hooks used on other sprayers. Complete sprayer consists of the atomizer top, Erlenmeyer shaped reservoir, open-top screw cap and Viton o-ring. The 10 mL size is supplied complete with a removable plastic base.