• VRP1

    KNF Neuberger's new vacuum controller is constructed of corrosion-resistant Kalrez® and polypropylene materials and allows precise control of vacuum levels and hysteresis needed for your procedure. Especially useful for rotary evaporators, vacuum ovens and distillation systems. The microprocessor has memory for five vacuum settings for multiple extraction processes. Controller can be used with any diaphragm style vacuum pump such as Cole-Palmer, Sargent, Vac-O-Brand, and KNF Neuberger. It is designed to eliminate continuous running of the pump which reduces noise levels and saves energy. Either ton or mbar can be selected as the unit of measure. Instant venting or purging is achieved with the press of a button. The controller has bright red LED digits on the display, 3/8" I.D. hose connections, weight of 3 lbs. (1.4 kg), dimensions of 7.6" D x 5.5" W x 2.75" H (3 cm x 2.1 cm x 1 cm), and 115 VAC 60 Hz. Vacuum range is 2 to 276 torr (2 to 103 mbar) with an accuracy of ±0.3% FSO.

  • VRP2

    The KNF Laboport® vacuum pump and programmable vacuum controller have been integrated into one convenient vacuum station. The standard system includes the controller, the listed pump, and stand. The economical system includes a pump, the listed gauge and regulator. All systems are 115 VAC/60 Hz.

  • VRP4

    These solid PTFE pumps are compact and portable, and they are low maintenance with no air, water or pump oil required. Used for rotary evaporators, solvent recovery systems, vacuum distillation, gel dryers, degassing of liquids, vacuum filtration, desiccators, and vacuum ovens, the pumps will handle most solvent vapors. The head/valve materials are PTFE/Kalrez®.

    For Use In:

    • Rotary Evaporation
    • Solvent Recovery Systems
    • Vacuum Distillation
    • High Vacuum Roughing Pump
    • Stack Sampling
    • Gel Dryers
    • Vacuum Drying
    • Desiccators
    • Transfer of Corrosive Gases
    • Vacuum Filtration
    • Degassing of Liquids

  • FILTRA-1

    These convenient KNF pumps are light weight and easy to use for your flask filtration, vacuum manifold and vacuum blotting applications.

  • N820PW-1

    Laboport® Pumps just got better with KNFs innovative solution to the problem of liquids accumulating inside the pump. KNF's new, Power Dry® system cycles automatically every few minutes, removing accumulated moisture instantly without disturbing your vacuum process.

    Available in 230 V/50 Hz. Specifications are subject to change without notice. You should always check corrosion-resistance charts for compatibility with the chemicals used in your laboratory.