Quark pilot plant reactors in 10 and 20 Liter volumes are available complete or by individual components. Each cylindrical reactor is available with or without a cooling or heating jacket with 1" beaded pipe connectors for fluid circulation to the jacket, a 5-neck 200 mm reactor head with 45/50 center, 1-45/50 side and 3-29/42 side ports, a quik-release clamp with a silicon o-ring, a removable 22 mm no-hold up bottom drain valve with KALREZ o-rings and a 1" beaded pipe take-off for drainage or fluid transfer. Each reactor also is available with a stainless steal support rack, powerful overhead stirrer with a controller, a stirring system with a 19 mm polished stirring shaft, PTFE stirrer bearing and J-Kem temperature monitor with a PTFE probe. In addition, these systems include a coiled condenser with a jacket and internal threaded adapters as needed. Additional accessories are available including solid or liquid addition funnels, offset adapters, thermowells, aspirators and stoppers. Optional Air-driven stirring motors are available upon request.
Unit of Measure

Individual Components

N/A 10 Liter Jacket Reactor Only (QRA-90-2) 19 mm Polished Stirring shaft (QRA-90-12) 22 mm No-hold-up Drain Valve, 2" bp (QRA-90-4) 45/50 PTFE Stirrer Bearing (QSI-8-2 or QSI 4-6) 5 Neck Lid, 200 mm Flange (QRA-4-6) Chuck for stirrer motor (QSI-69-5) Condenser, coil/jacketed, 300 mm, 29/42 (QC-75-3) J-Kemp Temp Monitor (QTC-4-1) PTFE Paddle 6" (QSI-25-2) PTFE Turbine 6" (QSI-26-2) Stainless Steel Lid Clamp (QCL-4-5) Stainless steel support rack with casters (QRA-101-1) Stirring Motor electric with controller (QSI-75-1) Type T Temp Probe 1/4" x 24" (QTC-26-7) Universal Coupling, 19 mm (QSI-40-4)


  • Portable
  • Easy Set-up
  • Turn-key Operation
  • Electronic or Air Driven Motor
  • Flush Bottom Drain Valve for Maximum Product Yield
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Support Frame
  • 10-50 Liter Capacity
  • Jacketed or Unjacketed Vessel