Supplied complete with polyethylene case and foam insert.
Unit of Measure


N/A 19/22


N/A Polyethylene

Kit Includes

N/A Adapter, Claisen (QA-6-2) Adapter, Connecting (QA-10-2) Adapter, Thermometer (QA-51-2) Adapter, Vacuum (QA-63-2) Condenser, West, 200 mm (QC-25-4) Distilling Column, 200 mm (QD-2-4) Flask, R.B. 100 mL (QF-1-14) Flask, R.B. 25 mL (QF-1-8) Flask, R.B. 250 mL (QF-1-19) Flask, R.B. 50 mL (QF-1-10) Flask, R.B. 500 mL (QF-1-23) Funnel, Separatory, 125 mL (QFN-20-20) Stopper, Glass (QSR-2-5) Tube, Bleed (QMN-96-1)