Contains all components suggested in "Organic Laboratory Techniques," Pavia, Lampman, Kriz and Engle, Saunders College Publishing, Chicago, IL and "Microscale Organic Laboratory," Mayo, Pike, Butcher, John S. Wiley & Sons, NY, NY. Components have 14/10 threaded joints.
Kit is packaged in a compartmentalized polypropylene box.
Unit of Measure


N/A 14/10

Kit Includes

N/A (1) 2 mL Craig Tube - Outer (QMS-33-2) (1) Adapter, Claisen (QMS-1-3) (1) Adapter, Thermometer (QMS-5-1) (1) Condenser, Jacketed, Reflux (QMS-12-4) (1) Flask, R.B. 10 mL (QMS-21-3) (1) Hickman, Still Head (QMS-28-2) (1) PTFE Inner Craig Tube (QMS-33-4) (1) Spinvane, PTFE, Large (QMS-29-2) (1) Tube, Drying (QMS-34-3) (1) Vial, 3 mL (QMS-38-8) (1) Vial, 5 mL (QMS-38-7)